Our very own OBE Missionaries Drew and Jessica Welch

Missionaries Drew and Jessica Welch, along with their children Ian, Kayla, and Kirsten, arrived in Liberia and have begun ministering to the Liberian people. Drew shares: “James 5:16 says that ‘The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.’ We definitely felt your prayers during our travels. It seemed as though every leg of our trip here was met with some degree of opposition - from delayed flights, the closing of Amsterdam airport due to air traffic control system failure, and even electrical problems on the airplane. Your prayers got us and our luggage to Liberia safely. Thank you!” Please pray for the Welch family as they share Christ with many throughout Liberia.

UPDATE- 9-05-18

Missionaries Drew and Jessica Welch attended the Redeemed Open Bible Church pastored by Othello Peabody this past Sunday. Drew shares: “This congregation is truly hungry for the Word of God. It is clear that Pastor Peabody is not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. We were so blessed by his message! We praise the Lord for placing pastors in Liberia who hunger and thirst for Jesus. This congregation has already outgrown two buildings and continues to grow. They currently meet in an outdoor structure in hopes of constructing a secure building that would replace their current building. This congregation is diligently working to purchase the land so they can build a new church building.” Please continue to pray for the Welch family as they finish getting settled in and for God’s hand and blessing on their ministry.