These Resource Partners exist to help resource churches to minister more effectively to their communities.


Product Philanthropy allows your Non-profit to access NEW products for a shared access cost.

How This Works – Agape Distribution receives products directly from suppliers, arranges for loading, trucking and handling of the goods. Your non-profit can acquire these for the Shared Access Cost (what it costs us to bring the material from the retailer to you)! Wonderful new goods at a fraction of retail.

Meeting Needs – The needs of more at-risk neighbors can be satisfied by your agencies’ collaboration with Agape Distribution. Personal care, paper products, hair care, baby, toys, kitchen, linens, camping, auto, lighting, vanities, home repair brand name products await your choosing.

Donors – Products flow from nationally branded companies many you will recognize. Your Non-profit may take advantage of the best products available. For those you help – self-esteem soars as they receive the best products from your Non-profit! You give the BEST!


What is Didomi7+?

We serve as a Community Redistribution Partner (CRP) through a non-profit called Good360, the nation's leader in product philanthropy. We are mentored by Agape Distribution, another CRP located in Sidney, Ohio. By working with both Good360 and Agape distribution, Didomi 7+ is able to receive product donations from companies like Home Depot, Walmart, Target, CVS, UGG, etc.

These products can then be shared with churches and non-profits for pennies on the dollar. The prices listed with each product in the catalog are not the cost of each item. We charge an administrative fee to help cover shipping, sorting, and general operating costs, which helps us to make more products available to the community. If you are a church or non-profit interested in joining the local network to be eligible for these discounted products, click here or visit our registration page for information. There is no cost during this initial sign up period.

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Does your church need help in the IT or Technology Dept?

Ministry Vision: Technology helps churches grow, come together and become more efficient. If your church needs help in the IT or Technology Dept, I want to use my passion and knowledge to affect the Kingdom, so God can have ALL the Glory. Or if you need computers, lap tops, or other IT gear hit me up to see how I can help you save you $$$$$$$$$.

- Jon Graham

Contact info:

937-701-1545- Cell Phone