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“I’ve looked at life from both sides now” (I am aging myself with that Joni Mitchell lyric) and have discovered that pastoring a church that belongs to a covering organization like Open Bible East brings benefits that an independent church misses out on.  These incredible opportunities unfolded before our church as we discovered the broad base of support that Open Bible East offers:

  • F A M I L Y  (the best thing we’ve got going on)
  • 501c3 legal covering and associated legal assistance from the national office
  • Minister’s pension plan
  • Accountability without undue control (OBE does not want your building)
  • Generous resources for pastors and churches (we are committed to helping you stay healthy)
  • Retreats (Tweens, Youth, Post-High, Women, Men, Ministers, Pastor’s Wives, etc,,,,)
  • Training  (New Hope Christian CollegeINSTE Global Bible CollegeToledo School of Ministry)
  • International Ministries in 48 countries (with opportunities for mission’s trips)
  • Servanthood leadership for pastors and help in pastoral transitions

And the list goes on  and on.  Probably the greatest benefit Open Bible East can offer to you and your church is an environment where Jesus is worshipped wholeheartedly, the Word of God is preached experientially, and people are loved passionately.

But what are my responsibilities to the Open Bible East family of churches?  Well, just like any family, each person or church in this case, plays an important part in the family dynamic.  That is why we say that we are stronger together than we are on our own and can accomplish great ministry endeavors by uniting our strengths and our resources.  Some responsibilities

  • Participating in family activities (Retreats, conferences, camps)
  • Contributing to the support of missions around the world and in our back yard through Mission Venture Plan
  • Supporting the national and regional office ministry expenses through ministerial tithing and church’s 5% giving of non-designated offerings
  • Voting and ratifying of nominated ministers for apostolic offices

I have never once regretted leaving an independent status behind.  What I have received from partnering with the Open Bible family has far eclipsed what I have given.  Whether you are a church or a pastor that needs a family covering, please carefully consider joining the family of Open Bible East.  We would love to have you join with us in our efforts to build the Kingdom of Jesus Christ!