Open Bible East provides a pastoral covering for a networked family of affiliated ministers and churches (locally owned and led) who enjoy “accountability without undue control”. Stronger together than we are separately,

For Pastors

Have you seen the television show that describes the “Dirty Jobs” that people do? And have you ever wondered why in the world somebody would do that job?
Cleaning sewer systems
Wrestling alligators
Fighting fires
Mopping up bodily stuff
Scrubbing dirty underwear
Breaking up barroom brawls
Heh, wait a minute! That list pretty much describes what pastoring a church can be like, and how in the world did you end up covered with so much dirt?

For Churches

For some reason, America has made a critical mistake. When we say the word “church”, the thought of brick and mortar comes to mind, maybe something a little cold and drafty, or slightly stuffy and out of touch. But when Jesus said He would build His Church, what He meant was that He was building

For Emerging Leaders

Elijah had won the greatest victory of his storied career! He had just whooped on 400 prophets of Baal and now he’s holed up in a cave totally depressed! “How did I end up here?” (have you ever said that to yourself?).