For Churches

The ChurchFor some reason, America has made a critical mistake.   When we say the word “church”, the thought of brick and mortar comes to mind, maybe something a little cold and drafty, or slightly stuffy and out of touch.  But when Jesus said He would build His Church, what He meant was that He was building a group of people who were called by the same name, “Little Christs”, living in community and  loving one another the way Jesus loves us.  So instead of church being a structure that people attend so that they can support a building and a budget and a project, Jesus’ idea of CHURCH is a loving group of people with community affection who have determined to think and act like Jesus.  CHURCH is a group of people, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, who walk through life giving light and love away, and about once a week, they gather in the brick and mortar to celebrate how great their Creator God is!  And out of that place of high celebration and joy, the Little Christs once again flood their streets and homes with the living water that Jesus gives to all who ask! Jesus continues to build Open Bible East Churches, and we are learning that He did not mean buildings, but lives who are rediscovering the reality of who Jesus really is and His call upon us to:

  • Love the Lord wholeheartedly
  • Love yourself (since He loved you so much He died on the cross for you)
  • Love your neighbor (not as a religious slogan, but in word and deed)