For Pastors


Have you seen the television show that describes the “Dirty Jobs” that people do?  And have you ever wondered why in the world somebody would do that job?

  • Cleaning  sewer systems
  • Wrestling alligators
  • Fighting fires
  • Mopping up bodily stuff
  • Scrubbing dirty underwear
  • Breaking up barroom brawls

Heh, wait a minute!  That list pretty much describes what pastoring a church can be like, and how in the world did you end up covered with so much dirt?  The answer lies in three short  words:  YOU WERE CALLED!  And if you are “called”, there is no other job in the world that can satisfy your need to serve people.  Remember the story where Jesus washes the filthy feet of his followers, and then says that we students should follow His example?  And that if we do, we will be happy?   When we pastors “get that”, God works  joy in the hearts of  His Servant Leaders who learn that the power to do the “dirty work” comes from Him.  And our joy in pastoring comes from the privilege of pouring living water on the lives of hurting people

Ephesians 5:26-27 (NKJV)

  •   to cleanse them with the washing of water by the word
  •   and to  present  to Him a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but  holy and without blemish

Pastor, Open Bible East wants to fill a basin and wash your feet, so that from a place of refreshment, you can continue doing the “dirty work” which transforms the lives of the people you are privileged to minister to.