Submitting A Pastoral Application

Receiving Church Charter

The following guide is intended to assist you as you prepare your application materials.

You will send two copies of your application materials to the following; one each to the executive and district directors. Be sure to include your mailing address and telephone numbers.



A resume should identify who you are, what you have done, what you desire to do, and what is important to you. It is helpful to give a brief statement about what developments/growth took place at each place of service, in addition to the chronological listing of places served. Put “some flesh on the bones,” that does more than state dates and places served. But be succinct, a resume should not exceed two pages, or at the extreme maximum, three. Include three to four names and addresses of references who can speak with authority about you and your track record. It is advisable to include spouse information (family and ministry roles) either in your resume or on an additional page.


Introductory Letter

A well-written cover letter allows the reader to sense the heart of the author and communicates your passion. Your letter should tell why you are submitting a resume, your desire for God’s will in your life, your request that you be given prayerful consideration, and your willingness to trust God to give direction through the process. State your availability for questions and additional information. Keep the cover letter to one page.


Philosophy of Ministry

A philosophy of ministry statement between one and two pages in length expresses your core values, your walk with the Lord, and your concept of ministry.


Recent Family Picture

Attach a high resolution (300 dpi), family picture with your e-mailed resume, philosophy of ministry, and completed application questionnaire that reflects the image that you will project as a pastor.


Ministry Recording

It is preferable to e-mail a downloadable MP3 or audio recorded sample of your pulpit ministry, or mail a CD or DVD to the executive director.


Materials to Submit

E-mail the following as attachments to both the executive director and district director:

Receiving Open Bible Credentials

  1. Picture
  2. Introductory letter
  3. Resume
  4. Spouse’s family and ministry role (unless incorporated into the resume)
  5. Philosophy of Ministry
  6. Pastoral Applicant Questionnaire
  7. Audio recording