Harvestland Church – Clarkston, Michigan

The young people at Harvestland Church have been working hard to love and serve their communities, with the rest of the church helping and supporting along the way. One afternoon downtown, the youth were handing out free granola bars and water and letting people know that Jesus loves them. One of the women who was offered some water was so impressed by what they were doing, she interviewed them and photographed them for an article that was featured in our local news! In the article, they even quoted and included their purpose, “we just want you to know that Jesus loves you.”

They have hosted fun events that encourage fellowship, as well as gather donations for homeless ministries in the area. Our teens love going and serving at a soup kitchen in Pontiac, and their passion to serve others definitely is catching on and inspiring others in the church to do the same! The church recently hosted a food drive for a local food bank and were able to supply over 1,000 meals to hungry neighbors in our community!

Harvestland Church is also involved with an annual event that connects with other churches to host an open-air prayer and worship meeting in a public park, called Enkindle the Remnant. More attend each year, and each year they see first-time decisions for Christ! God has been doing powerful and awesome things at Harvestland Church, and the entire congregation, young & old, is believing that greater things are still to be done in this city!