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My name is Tom Rupli, and I am the Executive Director of Open Bible East Churches, a group of 50+ churches, 180 or so pastors and ministers, and a whole bunch of great people who comprise the Open Bible East family.  I am a relative newcomer to Open Bible Churches, receiving my Open Bible credentials in 1993 when the church where I pastored, New Life Church, an independent body in Petersburg, MI, affiliated with Open Bible Churches.  New Life had experienced a painful internal struggle (I will skip the gory details) and had found itself in the  uncomfortable position of having no one to turn to in our time of trouble.  Thankfully, after great damage had been done, the Lord provided a mediator to guide the church through very troubled waters.  After the flood had receded, the New Life elder board began an exhaustive  search for a covering to whom we could be accountable to but without heavy handed control (after great sacrifice, our building was paid for, and we didn’t want to sign  the church over).  Many great organizations populate the Christian landscape, and we explored so many that we were blue in the face.  Our wish list for a covering organization included:

  • Word of God lovers (hence, OPEN Bible)
  • Passionate Jesus worshippers
  • Holy Spirit enablers
  • People lovers
  • Servant leaders
  • Biblical accountability without excessive control

After New Life’s leaders researched many church affiliations and denominations, we discovered that Open Bible Churches’ spiritual alignment most closely resembled ours.

Maybe you are a pastor or a church that seeks a larger family structure, one where there is love and covering, resourcing and accountability.  We invite you to explore Open Bible East Churches.  Maybe the Holy Spirit will direct you to join forces with us.  You will certainly be welcome!