CHRISTmas Resources below!


Christmas is second only to Easter for Church attendance! Take a look at some of the free resources below that could assist you in planning a great CHRISTmas outreach service! There are also some reasonably priced great resources below as well. Check it out!

Christmas Is Coming

We're looking at less than 100 days until Christmas. Is your church ready to communicate the greatest story ever told?

We've been doing the church communication thing for a while (since 2004, in case anyone is counting). That's a lot of Christmases. So we've got a few things that can help.

1. Get the Book

We wrote the book on Christmas planning.

Seriously, it’s called God Rest Ye Stressed Communicators: Planning Christmas for Your Church. It’s full of practical ideas and examples to help your church spread the love and joy of the season.

Buy the Book

2. Get the Planner

Grab a free, fill-in-the-blank Christmas planner to help you create a plan, solidify the plan, work the plan, nail down final details, and follow up after Christmas.

Download the Planner

3. Get the Welcome Kit

Your church is likely to see more first-time guests at Christmas. We've got a free welcome kit to help you analyze how you're doing and make improvements.

Download the Welcome Kit

4. So Many More Christmas Resources

Our Courageous Storytellers membership site has a wealth of Christmas resources:

· A Christmas outreach webinar with Phil Bowdle.

· A dozen Christmas encouragement videos from folks including Kelley Hartnett, Stephen Brewster, Lori Bailey, Anthony Miller, and more.

· A guide to using social media at Christmas.

· Ready-to-use Christmas social media graphics.

· Christmas stage design ideas.

· An invite packet of graphics, including Facebook ads, postcards, and invite cards.

· Plus access to our ever-expanding library of resources, covering topics including bulletins, design, social media, productivity, and more.

Also, Courageous Storytellers members get a free digital copy of God Rest Ye Stressed Communicators. Bonus.

So check out the Christmas resources and join Courageous Storytellers to get full access to all those goodies.

See the Christmas Resources