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The Toledo School of Ministry Experience

The Toledo School of Ministry is a two-year ministry training school combining Inste Bible College academics with practical ministry training in both church and urban settings. Under the guidance of experienced pastors and ministry leaders, students will experience Scripture and its cultural application to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus. Vital parts of the two year training are the discovery of the student’s calling and spiritual giftedness as they are trained and deployed into ministry opportunities in the church and the streets.

“Clusters” are teams of people with similar giftings, heart, and vision vitally linked together for the purpose of ministry. These various teams of believers function as effective small groups, working together and utilizing their God given vision, energy and abilities for the purpose of building up the “Body of Christ”. They accomplish this by addressing the spiritual, emotional and physical needs within the cluster, the church as a whole, and the surrounding community.

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Guidelines for Healthy Coaching Relationships Based on training by Gary Rohrmayer

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Dollar Menu Worship was created so that our ministry could reach youth and young adults with the love of God while bringing them to a better understanding of God’s Word. By taking small group Bible Study into a public setting (fast food restaurants) we are able to be visible to our community, and thus attract many youth and young adults who are searching for answers to life issues. Learn more about Next Gen Imperative: Dollar Menu Worship

Rohrmayer in partnership with has provided a  one hour, free, webinar through each stage of the FirstSteps Church Planting Process. Each webinar will bring some of the key missional principles found in the FirstSteps to Planting a Missional Church manual. Learn more…FirstSteps Webinars

NextSteps is designed for any church leader who embraces the missional lifestyle, and aligns the ideas and tools around building healthy church systems that allows the church to actualize its values and achieve its mission.  The NextSteps Series interprets the research from the Natural Church Development Paradigm by Christian Schwarz in a missional context. Learn more…NextSteps for Leading a Missional Church Webinars

Who We AreThe Great Commandment Network is an international collaborative network of strategic Kingdom leaders from the faith community, marketplace, education and care-giving fields who prioritize the powerful simplicity of the words of Jesus to   love God, love others, and see others become His followers (Matthew 22:37-40, Matthew 28:19-20). Learn more…

INSTE based formation, small group learning, Bible-centered discipleship, practical leadership formation, multi-denominational, & multi-lingual and multi-national Earn a degree without going into debt. Learn more...

Whether you are a pastor who needs some pre-marital training material, or a couple that needs some help in your marriage relationship, Keys To a Dynamic Marriage will equip  you with some key relational skills that will heal hurts and keep your marriage healthy.

Open Bible has partnered with My Healthy Church to provide outstanding resources for Spirit-led churches. Resources offered through our My Healthy Church partnership go far beyond the Sunday school curriculum that we supplied for many years. There are resources for all age groups, including innovative and contemporary digital animations for children. Learn more…

Recently, a minister asked the question, “Why NCD, and what value does my church get from participating in NCD?” NCD is a tried and true Church Health Process that both provides a “self-diagnosis” for the “Body of Christ” through a scientifically valid survey of the members of the congregation, and a “prescription” for strengthening the church by focusing on the Minimum Factor in the diagnosis.

A “Church Health Team” of leaders from your church is guided by a certified NCD coach to discover vital solutions that address key issues to strengthen the health of the church (much like a patient addresses a diagnosis of high blood pressure or cholesterol).  By focusing on this one factor, the whole Body gains health. 

Also, OBE conducts NCD training events in each district two times per year.  Ministers and leaders invest a Saturday to receive:

  • Resources to strengthen your church in key areas of Church Health
  • Opportunities for catalytic discussion with your key leaders about implementation of fresh ideas
  • Input from other churches
  • A great lunch and time to reconnect with OBE sister churches

If you are interested in engaging in the NCD Process, contact Tom Rupli or your District Director.  We are getting great reports from the churches that have started the process!

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For more information about NCD call Tom Rupli at 937.898.2864

Providing christian solutions in a sexual culture

Parenting in a Sexualized culture
Video Resource Update 
released. Our vision is to equip thousands more parents across the country and encourage church-wide participation through small group studies.

Parenting in a Sexualized Culture Answers Questions Like…
* How and when do I talk to my kids about sex?
* Why is the one time “sex talk” not enough?
* What is God’s design and purpose for sex?
* What can I do about all the tech gadgets invading my kids’ lives?
* How do I not only protect my kids but equip them to thrive in the sexualized culture?
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Church planting is by far one of the best tools to introduce people to Jesus and disciple new believers. We know church planting is not easy and no one should do it alone. It is our mission to resource and partner with potential church planters to make their work a success.

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They worshiped together at the Temple each day, met in homes for the Lord’s Supper, and shared their meals with great joy and generosity.

Who We Are: Learning to be lovers of God and lovers of people.

What We Do: Enthusiastically love God, Genuinely love people, Conscientiously serve the community, and Intentionally invite seekers

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“From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.”  EPHESIANS 4:16

Spiritual Gifts “Every Joint Supplies”

Does God Want to Speak Through You?

Those who have been called by God can usually remember the moment it happened. Maybe it was at a church summer camp, or visiting a special service at a local church, or maybe it was a quiet conversation with Him at a picnic table. However it happened to them, and happens now to others, it changes their lives. Open Bible has put together material, in the form of downloadable PDF’s and other media, for leading a conversation about such a call. Learn more…

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Listen to recording sessions from the Fall Ministers’ Retreat 2014 by Jim Beaird.
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The Proximity Factor Handout Notes


As a new Christian, do you wonder what God expects from you? Or maybe still have questions you need answered before you commit your life to Christ. We Believe: Core truths for Christian Living is our attempt to provide answers to these types of question – to provide a solid foundation for those new to the faith and those still considering it. Learn more about what We Believe

Welcome to Women’s Network of Open Bible East!

Historically God has accomplished incredible things through women who are dedicated to furthering the Kingdom of Christ! Women have passion, determination, creativity, influence and heart. Our women’s groups across Open Bible East are making a difference in their communities and around the world.

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Women’s Conference 2016 – Gallery of Pictures