Recently, a minister asked the question, “Why NCD, and what value does my church get from participating in NCD? NCD is a tried and true Church Health Process that both provides a “self-diagnosis” for the “Body of Christ” through a scientifically valid survey of the members of the congregation, and a “prescription” for strengthening the church by focusing on the Minimum Factor in the diagnosis. 

A “Church Health Team” of leaders from your church is guided by a certified NCD coach to discover vital solutions that address key issues to strengthen the health of the church (much like a patient addresses a diagnosis of high blood pressure or cholesterol). By focusing on this one factor, the whole Body gains health.

Also, OBE conducts NCD training events in each district two times per year. Ministers and leaders invest a Saturday to receive:

  • Resources to strengthen your church in key areas of Church Health
  • Opportunities for catalytic discussion with your key leaders about implementation of fresh ideas
  • Input from other churches
  • A great lunch and time to reconnect with OBE sister churches

If you are interested in engaging in the NCD process, contact Tom Rupli or your District Director. We are getting great reports from the churches that have started the process!

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For more information about NCD call Tom Rupli at 937.898.2864