Dear Ministers,

In my mind, one of the most prized opportunities that we ministers have is the “iron sharpening iron” moments we have together at retreats and conferences.  Investing in ourselves and one another by carving out some money and time for Retreat reaps significant benefits.  This year, in the quaint town of Newark, OH, Pastor Gary Emery, our dearly loved friend and RED from Pacific Region, will sharpen our axes with some training on “Making a Leadership Impact”.  There is not one of us that does not have a deep desire to lead people into a deeper walk with Jesus.  In fact, that is why we accepted the call to ministry.  Gary will put some fresh ministry arrows into our quiver that will help us empower, multiply, guide, and equip disciples on their leadership path.  Therein lies our joy!  I assure you that the investment of your time will result in greater leadership impact!

Hoping to see you in Newark,